Thursday, September 30, 2010


a cool kid sent me this cool link.

its a documentation of people in the neighborhoods of chicago. really interesting! its like people watching without being creepy. i like comparing the styles...and poses.  some people have pretty killer poses. better than what my pose would have been - standing plain with a shy demeanor. 

im a mix of uptown and lakeview....buena park is smack in the middle :) whats your 'hood?


Monday, September 27, 2010

shop update!

i finally got a relaxing weekend. both days included sleeping in, good breakfast, and crafting.  matt layed on the couch watching sports...i sat in the leftover space crafting. it was absolutely perfect!

and the product of this unproductive weekend... confetti garland :)
check it out!

loving the warm colors!

the hand painted confetti is from
my scrapbooking night with brit!

Friday, September 24, 2010

new collection!

last weekend i took a trip home, and stopped at 'the peddler' aka: my mom's favorite little shop.  i've been eyeing vintage rolling pins for a while now, and found two great old ones with tons of character at this place. i'm imagining a collection of five - red, green, turquoise vintage rolling pins, all different shapes and sizes, stacked vertically on my kitchen wall. the warm wood tones and scuffed colored handles would really look nice against my gray walls!

here are a few more i'm really trying not to buy:

love the handle...

instant collection! 

look how tiny!
(i just bought this.)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

::nerd alert::

i love fonts.

the shapes, curves, thickness, spaces... the graphic quality. i love how a good font can turn something from boring to spectacular! (i've even watched a documentary on a font)

its an obsession.

my new project, for the winter, is to teach myself calligraphy. i think its so beautiful and elegant! can you imagine how special it would be to recieve a little envelope in the mail like this?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

back jack.

i have returned! against my will of course... because my week away at the east coast was fantastic. good sites, good food, good company :)

first feature: ansonborough inn

after staying the first couple nights of charleston with matt's brother, we checked into the coolest hotel i've ever been to! it was right downtown, had exposed timbers, hundreds of oil paintings in chunky gold frames, and unlimited sweet tea!

inside the inn
our room - loved the chandelier!
dog portrait wall
my favorite painting :)
matt and i took off exploring downtown charleston after checking into the ansonborough, and was welcomed back by a wine and cheese tasting! neither of us are really wine drinkers, but tried a little white. our cheese plates however...packed :)

next up: angel oak tree

Saturday, September 11, 2010

cafe ba ba reeba

i'm so honored that prettystanley invited me to do a guest post. and i hope you enjoy it! i had the pleasure of meeting up with a group of 5 girls for dinner and drinks at lincoln park's own cafe ba ba reeba. we were nestled away tucked in the back corner of the restaurant. the restaurant was dimly lit. our waiter was patient and very attentive. spanish tapas is perfect when you can't decide what you want to eat. we ordered the world:
  • bacon wrapped dates
  • goat cheese+tomato sauce
  • tomato bread+machego cheese
  • grilled shrimp in garlic sauce
  • giant crab cake
  • chicken kabobs
  • spicy potatoes
  • paella with shrimp and scallops
  • 2 pitchers of sangria! white peach + blue raspberry
all the dishes we ordered were fairly small but enough to share between 6 girls. i never got sick of anything especially because it was just a small portion of this and that. the paella was perfect and had tons of seafood. the drinks were light and fruity and of course dangerous to a light weight like myself. i was definitely feeling the buzz as we finished off our 2nd pitcher. this is a great place for an intimate date, a family affair, or a girls night out! come hungry and leave a bit tipsy. definitely try the sangria, it's amazing!

cafe ba ba reeba
2024 halsted st
chicago, il 60614


Thursday, September 2, 2010

away we go!

im about to embark on my first week long trip with my lovey :) so i am super excited to get to spend a whole week together, and excited for a week of relaxation. both are much needed!

the destination is south carolina. via roadtrip. 

via hanneorla
im hoping for some beach time. shell collection. good food, bike rides, and this!

full details of the trip when i return :)  and while im away, ive asked a couple good friends to be guests on prettystanley.  watch for their posts next week!

see you next week! already miss you.